10 suggestions of national productions to watch on Globoplay

10 suggestions of national productions to watch on Globoplay

In 2015, the Grupo Globo launched a platform that, in principle, would make available all the programming of its television channel and the films produced by the company.

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In recent years, however, it has been gaining prominence due to the availability of new international and famous films, series and TV programs. In addition, the service is still one of the only sources of quality access to the various national productions, in the most different categories.

Therefore, we have selected a list of the 10 best national productions available on Globoplay so that you can learn more about Brazilian cinema.

10 national productions to watch on Globoplay

10th My Mother Is One Piece

Let’s start this list with a current comedy!

is a trilogy, starring and written by Paulo Gustavo, inspired by the actor’s experiences with his own mother.

The film tells the story of Dona Hermínia, a divorced middle-aged woman and mother of three very big children, but that Dona Hermínia cannot let go of her foot.

One day, after discovering that two of them considered her “boring”, she decides to leave the house without telling anyone, making everyone worried. But, in reality, she went straight to an aunt’s house, where they begin to reminisce, together, moments from the family’s past.

9th House of Mother Joana

Without a doubt, one of the best Brazilian comedies.

Launched in 2008, with several of the best national actors in the cast, such as José Wilker, Pedro Cardoso and Laura Cardoso, the plot tells the life of 4 friends who lived together in a middle class apartment and just wanted to know about the fun.

One day, they receive an eviction action for failure to pay the mortgage. Without any money, there are only two options left for the group: to work or to hit a jewelry store.

8th Gabriela

One of the works of Walcyr Carrasco, the series is based on one of the most famous works of the writer Jorge Amado.

The series takes place in Bahia, in the mid-1920s, where a woman crosses the caatinga and ends up arriving in the city of Ilhéus to get a job.

Out of all the traditions of the time, Gabriela it puts all human feelings to the test and raises several important moral questions.

7th Aruanas

Launched in 2019 and produced by Globo, the series has a predominantly female storyline and tells the story of 3 founders of an environmental preservation NGO, named Aruana.

After receiving a report on attacks on indigenous peoples due to conflicts over the demarcated lands, they travel to Cari, in the interior of Amazonas, where they discover a great scheme of environmental crimes.

6th Elite Squad

In the film of José Padilha, which has become a classic in Brazilian cinema, issues and problems within the Brazilian military police are brought up and discussed in a cohesive manner, showing the reality of those who work and those who suffer from police actions within the favelas.

it addresses issues such as corruption and militia within the institution and, therefore, it is a film recognized worldwide. There is a sequel,, also available on the platform (which, in my opinion, is much better than the first).

5th The Devil’s Scarab

Inspired by the work of Lúcia Machado de Almeida, the film takes place in a country town, where a series of similar murders are beginning to take place.

All victims are redheads and, before dying, they receive a scarab. Thus, the police chief and a local boy begin to investigate the crimes and look for the serial killer.

4th Harassment

An exclusive Globoplay series, launched in 2018, focuses on the story of a group of women who, with the help of a journalist, decide to unite and denounce the sexual abuse suffered by a super respected and famous doctor in high society.

3rd Second Call

Starring Débora Bloch and produced by O2 Filmes, the series reports the difficult mission of a teacher of Youth and Adult Education in a community, to train her students with the most diverse and tragic life stories.

2nd Marielle

In this documentary, divided into 6 episodes, obscure details of the crime that shocked us all in 2018 are brought up and discussed. Marielle Franco and Anderson Gomes were brutally executed more than two years ago, but the crime remains unturned and the real culprits go unpunished.

In addition to addressing the case, the documentary tells more about the councilwoman’s life and activism, her role of change within the communities she worked in, interviews and reports with people involved in the case.

After all, who had Marielle killed?

1º The Auto da Compadecida

The masterpiece of Brazilian cinema!

Based on the work of Ariano Suassuna, the plot tells the adventures of two friends, João Grilo and Chico, poor Northeasterners who live by blows to support themselves and to get rid of the holes they fix.

They live deceiving the people of a small town in the interior of Paraíba, including the dreaded cangaceiro that terrorizes residents. Only the apparition of Our Lady is able to save this pair!

National cinema

THE national cinema it is richer than many think. It has several unique masterpieces, which are essential so that we can look at the Brazilian reality with a more critical eye and reflect on our problems, something that is not possible in the same intensity when watching only Hollywood productions.

THE Globoplay has a very important role in this process, making these and hundreds of other national works available on the platform so that we can have access.

I hope you enjoyed the selection of films. Have you seen any of these? What did you think? I bet most people think they’re all fantastic, because they really are!