10 good series we watched in 2018

10 good series we watched in 2018

2018 was marked by the huge amount of new productions where streaming services dominated the market.

We had dramas, comedies, big names in Hollywood productions, and of course many hours of marathon.

We separated 10 productions (1 bonus!) That we watched this year.

Check out our list:

10) Sabrina’s Dark World (Netflix)

Photo: Netflix

The new version of the adventures of the little witch Sabrina arrived at Netflix to give us the performance of Kiernan Shipka.

Sabrina’s Dark World it is a Serie teen of those that the viewer almost forgets that it is for a specific target audience. The production of Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa talks about issues involving prejudices, gender identity, the role of women and all of this with a realistic touch against the backdrop of a teenage romance, witchcraft and Satanism.

9) American Crime Story: Versace (Fox Premium)

Photo: FX Networks

In the second season of American Crime Story, shown at the beginning of the year, only one name comes to mind: Darren Criss.

Like the serial killer Andrew Cunanan, the actor finally showed his talent. Criss delivered a memorable and devastating performance, where he really lost all the bonds of his time Glee.

American Crime Story, he still made episodes that touched on important issues for the present day, even if it happened in the 90s.

Ryan Murphy made an excellent characterization of the time that dealt with one of the most famous cases of murders in the USA, where the focus turned out to be the criminal’s mind.

8) You (Netflix)

Photo: Netflix

Penn Badgley it surprises and makes a very magnetic performance as Joe, a book seller who has an obsession with a customer who appears in the store where he works.

You right to show that there are several types of control that we can exercise over the other and still uses the power of social networks to tell a somewhat macabre story, but at the same time, very interesting.

7) Good Girls (Netflix)

Photo: Netflix

With a premise right in the face of a film, this mix of drama and comedy turns out to be one of the highlights of the year for bringing together three talented actresses (Christina Hendricks, Retta and Mae Whitman) to tell a story of theft in a unique and completely well done way.

In this version of Breaking Bad female more light, Good Girls introduces us to a trio of housewives gives the blood to enter and stay in the world of crime.

6) Pose (Fox Premium)

Photo: FX

Pose it is marked by its enormous representation on canvas. But, also, because of a well-developed script on dramatic issues, where she gets the plot right about acceptances, prejudices and talking about a dance culture that must be preserved.

With Pose, Ryan Murphy showed that it still has pace to deliver new series in the mega contract that the producer closed with Netflix.

5) Barry (HBO)

Photo: HBO

No doubt Barry is one of the surprises of 2018. Bill Hader delivering a precise, hilarious and completely addictive performance as a hit man who participates in a theater group is one of the best things of the year.

4) The Curse of the Hill Residence (Netflix)

Photo: Netflix

The Curse of the Hill Residence she came as she wants nothing, shy and surprised and delivered a very well-balanced script between the drama and the supernatural that goes back and forth between the present and the past.

The production stands out for its cast with names that are not very popular but that deliver good performances by Elizabeth Reaser, Timothy Hutton and Carla Gugino.

The Curse of the Hill Residence gets to be frighteningly good at appealing to demons both literal and from the characters’ backgrounds.

3) Homecoming (Amazon Prime)

Photo: Prime Video

Unfortunately Homecoming made a timid debut but don’t be fooled by this production starring Julia Roberts is one of the most impressive (and crazy) things of 2018.

With direction Sam Esmail, the drama tells a story as if it were a great puzzle to unravel the mystery of the psychologist Heidi (Roberts) and the treatment clinic Homecoming.

Come by Julia Roberts, stay for suspense.

2) Sharp Objects (HBO)

Photo: HBO

Amy Adams shone in Sharp Objects. Together with her, we had Patricia Clarkson and Eliza Scanlen they also created strong and striking characters in a plot about abusive relationships, grief, family relationships and obsessions in a dense and heavy story that kept us waiting for eight weeks (difficult thing in a marathon and streaming season).

1) Killing Eve (BBC America / Globo Play)

Photo: BBC America

Killing Eve has two of the best performances of the year.

The actresses Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer starred in a precise chess game, marked by obsession and paranoia like no one in 2018.

Killing Eve won us over with a subtle, impactful and very exciting plot.

Bonus: The Good Place (Netflix)

Photo: Netflix

In a rising from the end of season 2, The Good Place showed us his characters battle to reach the Good Place allied with the demon Michael. Thus, the comedy set a precedent for a very interesting third year.

In the episodes shown at the end of the year, the comedy managed to overcome itself and deliver an even more mind-bending plot that made the series go on to tell new stories without losing the formula.

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