10 exciting films for those who liked ‘Miracle in Cell 7’

10 exciting films for those who liked ‘Miracle in Cell 7’

The Turkish film, released on Netflix, was an immediate success, mainly due to the emotional appeal it causes.

Adapted from the Korean film of the same name, the cinematographic work is a roller coaster of emotions due to its poignant theme. , the plot follows Memo (Aras Bulut Iynemli), an intellectually disabled father who lives with his daughter Ova (Nisa Sofiya Aksongur) and her grandmother Fatma (Celile Toyon Uysal). After being wrongly accused of murdering the daughter of a Memo army officer, he is arrested, but his family fights for justice.

The emotion caused by the film is unique, but the aim of causing it is recurrent in the film industry. check out 10 exciting films for those who liked Miracle in Cell 7.

10 exciting films for those who liked

1. (1994)

Nominated for seven Oscar categories (including ‘Best Picture’) and 4th place on the list made in 2014 by, by Frank Darabont tells the story of Andy Dufresne (Tim Robbins), a banker unfairly arrested for murdering his wife and lover. In prison, he meets Red (Morgan Freeman), a 20-year prisoner.

The film is based on Stephen King’s novel.

2. (1999)

Also directed by Frank Darabont and also based on a Stephen King book, it is a police drama set on the death row of a prison in 1935.

In the work, prison chief of guard Paul Edgecomb (Tom Hanks) develops an unusual relationship with prisoner John Coffey (Michael Clarke Duncan), based on Coffey’s discovery of a magical gift.

He was nominated for four gold statuettes in the 2000 edition of the Academy.

3. (1978)

Directed by Alan Parker, it won a total of 10 awards, including two Oscar categories: ‘Best Adapted Screenplay’, for Oliver Stone, and ‘Best Original Soundtrack’, for Giorgio Moroder.

The film is based on the autobiography of Billy Hayes (played by Brad Davis in the film), a young American arrested in Istanbul for drug trafficking. Tortured and subjected to interrogation, Hayes sees his only chance in, an analogy for “escape”.

4. (1997)

In this film directed and starred by Robert Begnini, Guido and his son Giosué (Giorgio Cantarini) are taken to a Nazi concentration camp. Away from his wife, the father has to use his imagination to protect the child from the terrors and violence that surround them.

For the film, Begnini won the Oscars for ‘Best Actor’ and ‘Best Foreign Film’ in 1998. The production also won the Oscar for ‘Best Original Soundtrack’, which was given to Nicola Piovani.

5. (1988)

In , salesman Charlie (Tom Cruise), after his father’s death, discovers that he has an autistic brother, Raymond (Dustin Hoffman). Soon, it is revealed that Raymond received a millionaire inheritance from his late father, causing Charlie to take his brother to Los Angeles to dispute the money. However, the trip turns the dispute into a strong fraternal bond.

Nominated for eight Oscar categories, he won four of them, including ‘Best Picture’.

6. (2001)

In Jessie Nelson’s melodrama, Sean Penn is Sam Dawson, a father with mental problems who takes care of his daughter Lucy (Dakota Fanning) with the help of a group of friends. When Lucy is seven years old, her father begins to pass, intellectually, and their bond is threatened by the presence of a social worker (Michelle Pfeiffer), who wants to put Lucy in an orphanage.

The film was nominated for an Oscar for ‘Best Actor’ (Sean Penn).

7. (1993)

In 1974, young Irish rebel Gerry Conlon (Daniel Day-Lewis) and three friends are accused of killing five people in a Guilford pub near London. Giuseppe Conlon (Pete Postlewaithe) seeks help from attorney Gareth Peirce (Emma Thompson), who goes on to investigate crime irregularities.

The film directed by Jim Sheridan was nominated for seven Oscar categories. Among them, ‘Best Picture’ and ‘Best Actor’ (Daniel Day-Lewis).

8. (1995)

In another Tim Robbins presence, this time as director, Sean Penn (who also appeared on that list) plays Matthew Poncelet, a death row inmate.

When he sees his execution date approaching, Poncelet asks nun Helen Prejean (Susan Sarandon) to help him, insisting on the protagonist’s innocence in the murder of a young couple. With the situation of the protagonist getting more complicated, the bonds between the two are strengthening.

For her role as Helen Prejean, Susan Sarandon won the Oscar for ‘Best Actress’ at the 1996 awards. The film would still receive nominations for Sean Penn, in the category of ‘Best Actor’, and for Tim Robbins, contestant for ‘Best Director’. .


Will Smith was nominated for an Oscar for ‘Best Actor’ playing Chris Gardner, a father who faces serious financial problems and takes care of his son, Christopher, alone after his wife (Thandie Newton) leaves him.

So, Chris decides to use his skills as a salesman to try to get a job. Even failing several times, father and son keep hope for better days.

The work, directed by Gabriele Muccino, is based on a true story.

10. (2019)

Director Destin Cretton’s film is based on the true story of Walter McMillan (Jamie Foxx), a man unjustly sentenced to death for murder. Lawyer Bryan Stevenson (Michael B. Jordan) takes the case, encountering racism and illegal maneuvers while fighting for McMillan’s life.