10 characters who have already defeated Wolverine in the comics

10 personagens que já derrotaram o Wolverine nos quadrinhos

We all know that the X-Men are a powerful team of mutants, but there is no way to associate or imagine it without the presence of Wolverine, who is saying goodbye to the big screen, at least until they define a replacement for actor Hugh Jackman . And because of its healing factor and longevity, we often believe that the hero is unbeatable.

But there have been several cases in the comics in which Wolverine was defeated. Check out 10 characters that have already beaten the hero:

1) Hulk

01 hulk

Not many surprises here, as an unstoppable and unforgiving creature like the Hulk would be able to defeat Wolverine normally. In Ultimate Wolverine x Hulk, Doctor Bruce Banner’s alter ego literally split Logan in two (yes, you didn’t read it wrong. Just look again at the image that illustrates this item), imposing one of the character’s most humiliating defeats.

2) Squirrel Girl

02 squirrel girl

Here is a character that no one ever imagined would defeat Logan. But if she managed to beat even Thanos, then she would be able to defeat the hero. In the comics, she beat Wolverine one-on-one in a series of fights between the Avengers and the X-Men.

3) Deadpool

03 deadpool

The talkative antihero has the same healing abilities as Wolverine, and the two have already faced each other a few times in the comics, in well-balanced disputes. But there was a particular encounter in which Deadpool was smart and took advantage of the fact that Wolverine had a weak healing factor and defeated him by piercing his organs.

4) Spider-Man

04 spiderman

The Webhead is also another character who defeated Wolverine. In the Secret Wars comic (considered the first major crossover between Marvel characters), Spider-Man defeated not only Logan, but also the entire X-Men team.

5) Punisher

05 punisher

The fight against the Punisher, which took place in issue 17 of the antihero comic, was not at all pleasant for Logan. Frank Castle (real name of the war veteran) took advantage of the character’s healing factor to really punish him.

For example, he shot Wolverine in the face and genitals with a shotgun and ran over him with a steamroller.

6) Demolitionist

06 breaker

In the Enemy of the State arc, which was part of the Wolverine comic, Logan had to fight other Marvel heroes who were brainwashed by a mysterious group. Accompanied by government agents, he broke into the home of Daredevil, who silenced the men before fighting the character.

Matt Murdock defeated Logan after hitting him over the head with a dumbbell.

7) Thor

07 thor

Wolverine has already fought the Nordic God in Wolverine vs Thor, after confusing him with his rival, Saber Tooth, due to a hallucination created by Loki. But Logan was no match for Thor, who struck him with lightning to defeat him.

8) Cyclops

08 cyclops

Another case where Wolverine was brainwashed. This happened while battling the villainous Sauron, and made him believe that his allies were enemies.

His friend and rival, Cyclops, used several of his optical blasts to defeat Wolverine and launch him into the horizon.

9) Captain America

09 captain america

Captain America has faced Wolverine a few times, but one of those clashes was emblematic and different: Logan was under (again) brainwashed, while Steve Rogers had turned into a werewolf.

This happened in issue 402 of Captain America, and even in this unusual way, Steve managed to defeat Wolverine.

10) Wolverine himself

10 wolverine

To close the list, no one better to defeat Wolverine than … himself. As with other Marvel heroes, Logan has fought alternative versions of himself.

For example, in Marvel Zombies Return, the hero fights a zombified version of himself, and at first he thought he had won the duel. But in the end, he ended up losing due to the infectious bite he received during the fight.

Text by Augusto Ikeda
Edition by Igor Miranda

Source: CheatSheet